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Baladi Progression ~ Creating Choreography ~ Fan Veil ~ Fancy Feet, Traveling & Transitions ~ Floorwork ~ Kawleeya ~ Khaliji ~ Elegant Arms ~ Golden Era Sampler ~ Poetics of Performance ~ Saidi ~ Sha'abi ~ Stage Presence ~ Sword ~ Taqsim ~ Vision In A Veil ~ Zills



Teaching Philosophy & Pledge

Inspired by Donna Mejia

My pledge to the dances I teach and perform, to the cultures from which they originate, and to the dancers on whose shoulders I stand. 

I promise to: 

  • seek and support dancers and teachers of origin on my own dance journey;

  • consistently guide students toward teachers and studies of origin;

  • deliver dance teachings in context of culture and origin;

  • follow best practices in teaching and dance to the best of my ability;

  • remain open to growth, remain vigilant for possibility of error on my part, make corrections and do a better job.

To the students who honor me with their time, I promise to:

  • be present, available, kind, true and helpful to each unique individual;

  • facilitate a safe-zone dance community of inclusivity for all;

  • guide your development as a MENAT dancer;

  • help you get and stay grounded in the roots of the dance, and to include contemporary trends.

Currently Online: Intermediate/Advanced Arabic Dance Drills, every Mon 11:00 am pst & Wed 6 pm pst.

Past Classes:

Beginning, intermediate & advanced Egyptian Raqs Sharqi; beginning, intermediate & advanced American Cabaret Belly Dance; RakasaFit; Dancing for Birth; Prenatal Bellydance; Performance Troupe.


Performances & Events

Firefly Nights Belly Dance Online Hafla

Saturday, February 6 2021

5pm PST

Hasani's Hafla #104 

Feb 13, 2021 

6 pm pst

Holiday Joy in the Global Village

Saturday, Dec 18 2020

4pm PST

Foundations of Kawleeya Fusion

Emerald Sanctuary Retreat

August 2020: Postponed  

Quirky Quarantine Hafla

Sunday, July 19 2020

3pm PST

Live in the Global Village

Saturday, July 11 2020

4pm PST

Iraqi Kawleeya Fusion Workshop 

 Portland, OR

Jan 4, 2020


About Lara

Providing professional, award-winning belly dance entertainment and instruction throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. ​Lara is an engaging, soulful entertainer and a gifted belly dance artist who energizes her audiences. Her devotion to the dance, love of her audiences, and exquisite artistry make her a beloved dancer, entertainer, choreographer and teacher.

Lara began her studies at the age of 3 with tap and ballet. In her teens, she discovered belly dance, and fell in love with its ability to fully embody, transmit and to elevate the feminine divine. Belly dance was just the gateway, though, which opened the door to broader studies of other contemporary and folkloric dances of the Arabic world. Since her first explorations, Lara has studied under many nationally and internationally acclaimed dance artists of origin and dance artists of renown. Additionally, she has gained invaluable coaching from her collaborations with local dancers in Seattle WA and Las Vegas NV.

Lara is a multi-award-winning artist, who now teaches all levels of dance online, throughout the Puget Sound and beyond. She is available for private and special occasion group lessons. She is also available for workshops and special event performances. You can find her at festivals, competitions, and dance seminars throughout the country and in particular in the Northwest. 

She is always updating her dance knowledge, seeking out expert instruction from industry leaders. And she is devoted to continued cultural studies, enhancing her abilities to dance, teach and choreograph. 

Styles Lara specializes in are Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, Khaliji, dances of Iraq, American Cabaret Belly Dance and Fan Veil Fusion.


Influences & Accomplishments

Workshops Taken & Mentors

  • Mahmoud Reda;

  • Mona El Said;

  • Randa Kamel;

  • Sahra Saeeda;

  • Amel Tafsout;

  • Karim Nagi;

  • Leila Farid;

  • Khadijah

  • Assala Ibrahim;

  • Mohanned Hawaz;

  • Bozenka;

  • Yousry Sharif;

  • Amira Thaleb;

  • Saida;

  • Mohanned Hawaz;

  • Aziza.

Highlighted Workshops Taught: 

  • Kawleeya Fusion ~ Portland OR ~ host Henna Dances, Heather Louise (2020)

  • Stage Presence ~ Olympia WA ~ Mas Uda Dance, Kashani (2018)

  • Fan Veil Choreography ~ Victoria BC ~ host Sacred Centre Dance, Nath Keo (2016)

  • Saidi ~ Olympia WA ~ Mas Uda Dance, Kashani (2014) 

  • Fan Veil Basics ~ Tacoma WA ~ Hasani Hafla, Hasani (2012)

  • Fan Veil Basics ~ Charleston NC ~ host Palmetto Oasis, Nadia Pomedt (2010)

  • Elegant Arms ~ Burien WA ~ Abyssinian Twins, Kellie Basin (2008)


  • 1st Runner Up ~ La Danse Orientale 2011 ~ Pro Category

  • 1st Runner Up ~ Belly Dancer USA 2009 ~ Pro Category

  • 1st Runner Up ~ Emerald Rain 2008 ~ Pro Category

  • 1st Place ~ Emerals Rain 2008 ~ Alternative Category ~ Fan Veil