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Watch for Summer Pop-Up Classes:

Veil, Fan Veil & Kawliya!


Fall Quarter Classes Coming In September:  

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Baladi Progression ~ Creating Choreography ~ Fan Veil ~ Fancy Feet, Traveling & Transitions ~ Floorwork ~ Kawleeya ~ Khaliji ~ Elegant Arms ~ Golden Era Sampler ~ Poetics of Performance ~ Saidi ~ Sha'abi ~ Stage Presence ~ Sword ~ Taqsim ~ Vision In A Veil ~ Zills



Teaching Philosophy & Pledge

Inspired by Donna Mejia

My pledge to the dances I teach and perform, to the cultures from which they originate, and to the dancers on whose shoulders I stand. 

I promise to: 

  • seek and support dancers and teachers of origin on my own dance journey;

  • consistently guide students toward teachers and studies of origin;

  • deliver dance teachings in context of culture and origin;

  • follow best practices in teaching and dance to the best of my ability;

  • remain open to growth, remain vigilant for possibility of error on my part, make corrections and do a better job.

To the students who honor me with their time, I promise to:

  • be present, available, kind, true and helpful to each unique individual;

  • facilitate a safe-zone dance community of inclusivity for all;

  • guide your development as a MENAT dancer;

  • help you get and stay grounded in the roots of the dance, and to include contemporary trends.

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