Fall Quarter Classes ~ September 15 thru Dec 17

Intermediate/Advanced Arabic Dance Drills: 

Fridays 11:00 am pst & Wednesdays 6 pm pst

Classes begin with a follow-along improvised dance to one of my favorite classic or current Arabic hits. You then move through three sets of drills. Drills hit major isolation areas such as arms, hips, chest, shimmies, feet, travel steps. Since these are limited to three sets, areas are cycled through different weeks. You will then move through combinations that help you gain new dance vocabulary and skills. Combinations always include classic Egyptian raks sharki, contemporary sha'abi or mahragan, and any one or two additional Arabic dance forms (Kawliya, Saidi, Tunisian, Khaliji, etc). Finally, we cool down with a solid session of stretches. 

Beginning Bellydance: I'm continuing to hear of interest in a beginning bellydance class in the Olympia area. I love this! However, online offerings have not seemed to fit what you all want. I am in the process of looking for an in-person location. Fingers crossed that Covid allows for this!

Additional Offerings: I love teaching bellydance! There are so many benefits! We get to grow, laugh and be healthy together. Following is a list of other ongoing classes I offer!


RakasaFit; Dancing for Birth; Prenatal Bellydance; Performance Troupe.